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Jan 26, 2016 0

Time capsule – Youth in Novi Travnik writter messager for 2035

As part of USAID’s campaign leaves traces in a time capsule, OU New Vision carried out this activity in the municipality of Novi Travnik. Campaign Time capsule encourage citizens, especially young people, to not only think about their future, but that record and his vision for the next 20 years and require changes to develop and create a more tolerant, prosperous country.

The time capsule was an inspiration to many to leave your message for the future of our country, their personal expectations and the changes they want to see in the country.
Time capsule two days was located in the Youth Center where people was able to write their messages. The messages are written to us and our friends with Dručkiji radio, municipal employees, TV Channel 6 a few messages from our members that they could not come in person to the OC, we have written to them.
We are pleased that, thanks to USAID able to realize another interesting activity in our city, and certainly the greatest gratitude goes to our volunteers / points.

Time Capsule and the messages are opened 2035 years and until then will your messages to sleep peacefully in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
What was it like in our workshop on a time capsule and as the collection of messages, see the gallery. PPHOTOS OF ACTION
Be a part of positive change. Be a part of us.

Jan 26, 2016 0

Bravo ! Šampioni volonterstva

At the ceremony which took place 21.11.2015 in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina New Vision was recognized by the US Embassy in BiH. Acknowledges the results of the work and commitment of our association in the framework of the challenge: choose a task, be the change, through which promotes the active participation of young people in the creation of an open, accountable, democratic society in BiH.

A series of projects carried out by the new vision and commitment to improving activism among young people in Novi Travnik contributed to this recognition. The recognition for the effort and commitment of the US Embassy has received a new vision in the month of May as part of a semi-annual celebration of voluntary action across the country.