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Stop nasilju
Mar 30, 2016 0

Workshop about ¨Violence against women and girls “.

Youth Association New Vision in collaboration with the Center for Youth Education Travnik, realized a 30.03. educational workshop on combating violence against women and girls “. Moderators of the workshop were educators CEM and present at the workshop had the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of gender-based violence, the most common forms of violence but also intreaktivno participate in identifying the problem. In addition to presenting the disturbing information about this great problem of BH society young people could meet and with initiatives conducted by CEM but also to suggest preventive measures. The fact that one in five women in the country suffer some form of violence, and that is, unfortunately, this negative trend is still increasing evidence that such programs should be as many as a number of other measures by the relevant institutions.
A new vision continues with education and in the coming period and will soon prepare a few interesting things in the Youth Center of Novi Travnik.

Mar 17, 2016 0

Two years of workshop with New Vision

Educational workshops new vision began exactly two years ago …
On this day, 17.03.2014 we started with the first educational workshop. Our first project Eco awakening city youth in addition to educational trips and street campaigns included the workshops. Then together with young people, 20 of them or so, we started our story mutual learning and socializing. We talked then about topics related to the environment. Today, two years after the first workshop, we have left behind dozens of workshops, of ecology, prevention of gender-based violence, volunteerism, activism to the workshops in the field of democracy. Topics for the workshops are tailored to the needs of young people, those who want to be drivers of positive change in the communities in which we live.
Today’s youth center organized a new educational workshop exposure of young challenges of modern goods and how to identify risks. On intereaktivnoj workshop was attended by about 20 young people in the coming period continues the cycle of training and other activities aimed at strengthening youth activism in Novi Travnik.

nure i mehmed obuka
Mar 15, 2016 0

New Vision in project ¨Better parliaments – strengthens democracy”

Organization Perpetuum mobile from Banja Luka is implementing the project â  “Better parliaments – strengthens democracy” and last weekend two members of the new vision, our volunteers, Noureddine and Mehmed, were in Teslic where they held training for peer educators on this project. The project aims to improve the capacity and opportunities of young people and youth organizations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to influence the parliamentary process concerning specific issues of young people. In this way, the project will contribute to the transparency and accountability of state and entity parliaments. New Vision is a partner on this project and our peer educators will soon be in cooperation with the schools implemented several training workshops on demoktarije and organize visiting federal parliament.
We print another positive story.

ngoy meeting
Mar 13, 2016 0

YNGOs partners meeting in Banja Luka

On the ninth of March there was a meeting of partner organizations gathered around the project Promoting healthy lifestyles among young people in BiH challenging gender stereotypes. Beside the 10 organizations from BiH that implement this project attended by partner organizations that are coordinators activities perpetual motion from Banja Luka, Association XY from Sarajevo and strength of young people from Mostar. All organizations had a short presentation of the completed activities and work plan for the coming period. The meeting was attended by representatives of Care International Balkans and in the work of the organization and improvement activities were discussed at separate meetings.

We remind New Vision is part of this project since March of 2015 years ..