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Aug 06, 2016 0

New Vision visited OSCE Representative

In early August, an official visit to the New Vision was the representative office of the OSCE Office in Travnik, Monika Zoller. On this occasion, presented the current programs of the OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the regional apparatus by Travnik as well as the possibility of including new vision of the programs that are being implemented. The OSCE Representative has met and the current situation in terms of young people in the municipality of Novi Travnik but the programs implemented by New Vision. As part of this conversation they exchanged opinions on the development of joint programs aimed at improving the situation of youth in the municipality as well as capacity building of our organization. In the future continues to dialogue and work together new vision and mission of the OSCE.

This visit is another proof of the recognition of our work and of course the opportunity to improve our programs.

Aug 03, 2016 2

New project soon start in Novi Travnik

These days coming to an end of the signing of the contract for the realization of a new project in Novi Travnik between the Institute for Youth Development and new vision.

The new project will be realized in August, September and October in the municipality of Novi Travnik, and aims to strengthen dialogue between young people and raising environmental awareness among young people. Three key kompomente project are dialogue my choice, eco-action is inspired prirodm¨ and enjoy life. The project is funded through a grant of the Institute for Youth Development from Sarajevo and UNDEF through the local civic initiatives.

More information about the initiative or the mode of active participation in the project will follow soon.